Chocolate soymilk.

News: a repairman for my apartment building carted away my old refrigerator and replaced it with this new one. It’s important! The old one stopped keeping things cold. Setting beers on my windowsill was chilling them more than being housed in my fridge. People used to call my fridge the bachelor fridge because it was stocked full of beer. Guess what? It contains other items now. Furthermore, I am in a committed relationship, so none of my things are ‘bachelor’ things.

The inside! My old fridge leaked water into the bottom drawer and I refused to empty the water because I thought it kept the fridge from completely going warm, which as David Cooper would say “makes no sense.”

Delicious quesadilla made by my girlfriend.

Sandwich from East Side Deli enjoyed in a Cramer hallway at school.

Tofu, crimini mushroom, and green pepper kabobs from this past weekend cabin trip with my girlfriend.

Native Foods nachos. The box was so heavy.

Native Foods meatball sub.

Many liquids consumed during a homework session. I am also afflicted with influenza.

Valentine’s Day dinner with my girlfriend. Fancy Ramen from Wafu.

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